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02 January 2009 @ 02:13 pm
I know it's late, but happy new years everybody!

Posting a Marisa instead of Cirn⑨ because I am a REBEL. YEAH. :V

This year... has been more than tough, and to end it all in a big grand finale, my loan application didn't get approved. That means I don't get to go to Aveda. But you know what? Despite that, I'm feeling really happy with how things are.

Mikey and I finally got onto the plane and watched Wall-E together on the way home. My mum, Luke, and my grandmother came to pick us up and when we got home, they surprised us with a new full-size bed placed in my bedroom (we've been sleeping in the guest room the entire time), the room rearranged with a new couch and coffee table, and my big corner desk at the window. Next investment will be a new TV to replace our tube, and a kotatsu, because now it is absolutely necessary. \o/

Went to Gary's party. I didn't get drunk, but Mikey got fucked up. I was glad to see a bunch of people we hadn't seen in very long, especially Helen. Gave her, Matt, and Gary their gifts, talked to everyone else, and met a bunch of new people like some of Fanime's staff and Mikey's boss, Kelly, who's actually a really nice guy. Oh, and Minh cut his hair! It looks like he fell under a lawn mower with how short it is, but it looks good. I talked to this guy, Oliver, a lot. We had met 2 years prior, but never talked, so that's what we did. I talked to Deborah quite a bit, too-- and like Mikey has said, she's amazing. Milton's pretty lucky to have her. ;) She graciously offered to drive us both home after a night of worry.

Today, Mikey and I both woke up early due to the shift in time zones. We totally fucked up our sleeping schedule while we were stuck in the airport, so it fits neither the US or Japan. He was feeling hungry, so I got up and made both of us breakfast and we ate... BREAKFAST! Neither of us ever eat that! Went to smoke, and he was off to work. He's getting off early today, because the shipment is rather small since no one gets their bood tested on New Year's. Mikey's bringing back Mexican food, since we haven't had it in forever, especially in Japan. Though, as odd as it is to say it, we do miss being there. It was a great vacation. Welp, I'm just chilling, cleaning up here and there and waiting for him to get home so we can watch Doctor Who and redecorate the room. \o/

I should've bought my issues of Megami while we were there. How did S&H become so expensive now? Now I owe Mikey more monies. ;_;

30 December 2008 @ 11:28 pm
I'm dying... I'm dying... !!

I'm so exhausted. Still running on about 2 hours of sleep or so... everything is sore, hair's a mess, nose is irritated. Mikey walks around with me wearing his "Kimo-ota" shirt. I'm dying.

Just about 3 and 1/2 hours to go! ...

... ... ...
30 December 2008 @ 07:43 pm
Not that anyone cares about how we're dying in an overseas airport or anything, but I need to do something to keep up my sanity.

So last night, we were put into an open lobby full of other people to sleep in, last night. See, it's an OPEN lobby, so no privacy, no comfortable chairs or anything. By the time I tried to go to sleep, there was almost nowhere near Mikey to lay down, so I tried my best to just sort of sleep where I was sitting next to him, but in the end, just couldn't. Nowhere to put my head, my neck was aching... plus, I could barely stand the stupid inconsiderate group of Japanese people playing cards being all loud and shit, thinking that because everyone was already asleep, they could be louder. Then, this old Filipino couple decide to wake up and have a loud-ass conversation in Tagalog, and from THEIR loudness, the group of Japanese began to match their volume because it seemed okay. Augh. I moved over across the room to sleep, on the span of 2 seats. It sucked, and the heater was turned off, so it was freezing.

Apparently, Mikey woke up in the middle of the night and looked around the room for me from his seat, and the old Filipino lady asked him, "Are you looking for your daughter?" :|

I was awoken by the bright lights and sounds of the airport opening, so I got a total of about 1.5 hours of sleep. Mikey had about maybe 3 or 4. Everything ached. I waited for the combini to open so I could buy some stuff. I ended up catching a cold, so I had to pick up a pack of tissues and some masks, plus some cheap combini onigiri because I was starving... Augh. Combini onigiri.

We wandered around the airport for a bit as things opened and went to the better lobby on the 3rd floor, which has public massage chairs... which I am very grateful for. 200yen for 10 minutes on a real massage chair, opposed to the 3.00dollars for 5 minutes on the crappy cheap ones back in America. I spent maybe about 30 minutes total on them, then convinced Mikey to get on them too. Mikey left for the bathroom for a bit, so I decided to get back onto one. By the time he came back, I thought he was going to scold me for doing a 3rd session, but asked me for some change instead, assuming he needed to go buy something from a vending machine. To my surprise, he took the change and plopped onto the massage chair next to me. Lol.

I guess we're probably not going to the Naritasan Temple, since neither of us want to take the train out of the airport. I really want to shower, but we feel reluctant to spend the 1000yen for a day room just yet. We ended up going to a food court for some mediocre 800yen ramen and I took a nap for maybe about an hour, hunched over on the table. That was painful waking up from as well.

Our flight isn't for about another 6 hours or so. We've been here for about 18. Both exhausted, and I have a cold. I can't wait to sleep on the plane.

Looking forward to being able to sleep on a bed again, very much so. But that's not happening right away, unfortunately for us. After the flight, we're going home to drop stuff off, then go straight to Gary's party and give everyone their X-mas gifts.

Auuuugh, my back. Maybe I should get on the massage chair again...
30 December 2008 @ 09:55 am
Still stuck in Narita, and it's almost maybe... 3am. Can't sleep. Mikey's laying next to me-- I'm just sort of sitting here. In fact, everyone is asleep other than maybe this group of Japanese people being inconsiderately loud and playing cards.

We spent most of the time just sort of... sitting, talking, watched some cartoons. Bummed around the smoking room a couple of times, once with this guy going to back home to New York from being stationed in Japan from the military, talked about America and Japan. Talking to Robin online, now. I think I'll upload photos later, but I haven't taken much-- they're mostly just scenery at night in Akiba, Shinjuku, and Shibuya-- couple of photos of Harajuku, and a load of photos of Mikey just doing stuff. Like eating.

Going to Shinsho-ji Temple tomorrow, since we have nothing to do until 7pm Japan time. Probably the only touristy thing we'll be doing this entire vacation. Then, perhaps, wander around Omote Sanda, shower in one of the day rooms in the airport if they have shampoo...

It's not so bad, really. Neither Mikey or I mind being stuck in the lobby now. I'm glad I get to spend more time with him, and I guess us hanging around, despite the situation, is a nice experience in itself. But he's asleep now, and I'm... really bored.

Ah, it's going to be exhausting. We're going to be up in Narita all day, then our flight for about 9 hours, go home to put our stuff down, THEN go straight to Gary's New Year's party.

My socks have snags in them from lugging around luggage all around Tokyo, today. It sucks, especially how I just bought them a few days ago!

... Why is Narita so boring...
30 December 2008 @ 09:13 am
So Mikey and I are stuck in Japan for another day. What sucks is, we're pretty much stuck in Narita airport, as it'd be a waste of money to train back to Hon Atsugi. Yup.

Today was absolutely exhausting. Each of us are carrying like 2 suitcases and 2 carry-ons, all substantially heavy. The beginning of the day was pretty good, though. Went to Akiba with Kimihiko and his friend, Yousuke. Ate at an okonomiyaki place, and Mikey and I shared a huge-ass one that took up the entire grill called "Akibanomiyaki". lol

Went to two shops, all pretty much dedicated to Touhou. We bought some yukkuri heads and bought some shrine plaques-- one Hatsune Miku, one Kotonoha, and one Reimu. Took some photos of the "Hakurei Shrine" next to the store, and some nigger painted on the wall.

We'll be arriving tomorrow, stuck in the airport for about another 22 hours doing stuff. Sigh, what to do...
29 December 2008 @ 09:09 am
So I guess tonight was our last night in Tokyo, and an end to our vacation. The vacation as a whole has been wonderful, especially having all this time to relax and spend it with Mikey.

We spent the day mostly in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Took more photos for once, but of stuff and scenes mostly. Most of the photos I have on my camera is pretty much just Mikey doing stuff. I'll upload some, later. We went to KFC for lunch, only to realize one more thing I'd probably miss-- smoking sections in sit-down fast food restaurants and game centers. After that, we went to Club Sega again and Mikey won me stuff on UFO catchers (Me being the girl in the background gasping from being impressed and whatnot, of course.) and then played some SF4. We had decided that we need to do purikura since we don't own any of us together, so we rushed to the nearest machine upstairs and took some photos of us looking stupid, and then made our way to Shibuya.

Shibuya... is really nice at night. Everything's lit and lively, just like the type of condensed city-scape I love. Didn't want to spend too much money, so I didn't buy any clothing... but ended up spending a ton on lingerie, on Mikey's credit card, no less. (No exchange fees on card.) I love my lingerie collection, now. Oh, and new pajamas and more socks. We walked around tons, browsed this awesome pet store we saw last time we went and took some photos, then went to McDonald's to smoke and have a couple of soft drinks. I bought a soft-twist ice cream and the swirl was perfectly done, which I've never really seen before. I guess it's sort of stupid to even mention that, but it was an absolutely perfect swirl.

After that, we took the train back to Shinjuku and went back to the arcade so Mikey can play more SF4 before we leave. I went upstairs and tried to do UFO catchers, myself, and I had some great luck! First try on some Nico Nico Douga TV plush charms, and I got two of them, and one of the ones I wanted for Mikey. I got a pretty good looking C.C. figure on my 4th try. A old guy that was going around the place winning 3 or 4 of each thing (to sell) was cheering me on in the background and congratulated me when I won it. I also won a Heart 2p (Arcana Heart) cosplay set on my very first try, which was awesome. Then, I camped the gashapon area to try to get an Itoshiki phone charm for Mikey, but it took me maybe like... 8 tries. (I have 3 Kafka's, 2 normal Chiri's, 1 psycho Chiri, 1 Komori, some of which I'm probably giving away.)

It was a pretty good day.

The day before, we went to Akiba again. Went to a couple of locked box stores and bought a few items that weren't for sale anymore, or are too difficult to get on the UFO catchers. Not much, but I'm happy with what we got. I bought a Hatsune Miku Figma to complete the set with Rin and Len, a Miku music box we had trouble getting in the UFO catchers, and a Setten Udonge for only 5000en! It was sold for 20000-30000en new, in other stores, so it was a god purchase. The only issues with it is, 1. it's used, 2. no box, and 3. a small black mark on one of the ears I can easily buff and paint over with quick figure paint airbrushing. Browsed around tons, then trained to Roppongi to Eileen's place for dinner with everyone. There was a good handful of people, so we all chatted and played with the dog, and Mikey, Eileen, and I sat and watched High School Musical, talked about the cast, scenes, how awesome 3 is, Joe Jonas, and how no one wants to fuck Kevin, etc... then drove home with Kimihiko.

On Saturday, we stayed home for the most part, went out to the grocery store for nabe stuff, and the book store and picked up a few volumes of the Kannagi manga to read on the plane. Then had nabe, drank, got Kimihiko drunk, played Left 4 Dead.

So our flight is tomorrow. Kimihiko is driving us to Akiba and we'll train from there... As silly as it is to say it, Mikey and I admit, we're going to miss this vacation here. We wished we could've saw Michael, Takako, Nao, and Genta more. I never got to meet Niggeryuki. It just feels like time (and money) is too short. We'll also miss Tokyo, Kimihiko and his huge kotatsu... what else? Vending machines, smoking areas, how trains always have people (Yeah, it sucks at the same time, but I hate being the only one in a train, or alone with only a few people), good cheap food, toilets (toilets are awesome), how convenient convenience stores are, shopping districts (so many shops catered to girls), perfect clothing sizes (not too big, not too small), perfect food portions, multiple floor game centers... probably a ton of stuff, but it's all been very relaxing.

But there are things we miss about home, too. Mainly, mexican food, which we're probably getting once we land and gain all the weight back that we lost in Japan. Another great thing about home? Insulation, central heating, and hot water 24/7.
24 December 2008 @ 06:38 am

So today, Mikey and I went to Harajuku together for X-mas eve. Michael and Takako couldn't make it today, so it was a date of sorts. Woke up somewhat early today, took a shower, and left. I've been really wanting to do some clothes shopping, but surprisingly... I didn't really get much clothing. I barely saw anything I felt was worth buying, but I did pick up some stuff here and there since X-mas sales are crazy cheap. Most of the things I got were little things, so I don't remember all of them... some broaches, hair acessories, lingerie, new faux lashes, a fancy new Hello Kitty wallet, a compact umbrella for my purse, and a white jacket that was on sale. I still aim to find a nice black coat with some nice black faux fur so I can wear casually and professionally. I felt tempted to buy this pair of boots that were on sale, but I still felt pretty hesitant to make more weightier purchases while still on budget. Overall, I haven't really bought much, and most of my expenses went to small things and comfortable necessities.

Oh, and I got something small for you, Kazuko. I'm sure you'll like it.

Mikey and I ended up not buying a cake for X-mas, since neither of us really feel that we'll finish it anyway and never bothered. Oh, and the one night I feel like eating at KFC... we realize that it's fucking X-mas eve and the Japanese have some sort of odd urban tradition of eating fried chicken on the holidays.

So I'm spending X-mas relaxing at home with Mr. Boyfriend, tomorrow. We're absolutely exhausted from all the travelling. Going to Shinjuku and Shibuya on Friday, misc. things and nabe on Saturday, Chinatown in Yokohama with everyone on Sunday, and for the most part, resting on Monday. We're going home in a few days, and I know that there will be a good amount of things, a good amount of people, that we're both going to really miss. I miss my dog back home, though. Our vacation is almost coming to an end soon... and it's been wonderful. Kotatsu, is also wonderful.
23 December 2008 @ 07:17 am
So, today, Mikey and I planned on going to Akiba with Kimihiko. We woke up sort of late, so we made it at around maybe 4pm or so. Met up with Michael and trained over to Akiba, then met up with Kimihiko and his French friend, Vincent. We hung around the Club Sega near the station and tricked Yuusuke into meeting us in Akiba. I took a few photos of a employee cosplaying as Hatsune Miku outside for a bit, then headed to a building with a couple of maid cafes. The maid cafe Minh suggested was normally closed on Tuesdays, so we assumed that it'd be closed when we'd go-- turns out, they were open today, and moved the closed day to tomorrow due to X-mas eve, so we could've gone. Ah well~ We tried other cafes, but didn't want to wait an hour. One of the cafes we first went to, Akiba48 was performing in. We passed by an @Home cafe, though. Speaking of maid cafes, I've so much work I still need to do for Fanimaid Cafe '09 right when I get back. We went to some Italian bar instead and sort of hung out and chatted. I had my first glass of champange, but it was okay. I'm not very accustomed to wine, so I suppose I wasn't really able to appreciate it.

Kimihiko and Vincent had to leave, so it was just the 4 of us left. We hadn't eaten yet, so we went to eat ramen, then shopped around. I bought a good handful of stuff. It was surprisingly exciting going through all the shops and whatnot, me trying to resist buying too much and thinking to myself, "No. I need money for clothing. Don't buy too many toys. You're an adult now." and yet... Ah, it wasn't too bad. I spent maybe about $200 for myself and a few things for Helen. I bought 3 IM@S Revoltechs and Kagamine Rin/Len Figmas, a Strike Witches box set with a figure of Miyafuji Yoshika with a DVD and artbook, and a couple of other things. Oh, and some Touhou candy... Anything else Touhou was much too expensive for me to feel comfortable buying, the SD keychains for about $35, the new unreleased plushies for $105, LE doujinshi from famous circles for $50 and up, pins and rather unattractive keychains for abot $20, Aitai Cirno for $160 (color) and Udonge for $300+ (color), list goes on. I don't feel too inclined to own a ton of Touhou stuff, though. I'm satisfied with my purchases so far. Oh, and I bought myself a new purse and a load of new socks from the Lumine while Michael and Mikey were in Kabuki-cho. I'm getting pretty low on cash, and am probably spending most of the rest of it in Harajuku-- if any left over, in Shibuya. I've been rather hesitant on my purchases, and haven't made any impulse buys, so it's been pretty good.

It got somewhat late, so Kimihiko came to Aiko-Ishida station to pick us up. Despite us telling him we're okay with taking a taxi, he graciously insisted on picking us up at around midnight despite him having work at 5am tomorrow morning. Ahh~

So tomorrow, going to Harajuku for reals. Probably with Michael and Takako, hopefully Nao. Thursday, rest. Friday, back to Shibuya probably. Still need to do purikura with Mikey. Saturday, dunno what we're doing during the day, but drinking and eating nabe at night. Sunday, going to Yokohama with everyone. Monday, probably rest. Tuesday, coming back home.

Mikey and I are relaxing under the kotatsu, and so far, it's been a great vacation.
21 December 2008 @ 10:39 pm
It's been fun, but if anything, we haven't really done anything super special. Neither Mikey or I are the tourist-y type, so we haven't really bothered to go out and see the sights. Most of what I'd want to do would be to go shopping for clothes.

Saturday, Mikey was still at Eileen's for the weekend. I called up Michael to see if he wanted to go to Harajuku, so we met up. First thing's first; I HATE not having a cell phone. Public payphones aren't exactly as common as they'd used to be, and are pretty sparse. I got a hold of Michael, then he told me Genta would be tagging along. We waited for a bit, then wandered around to see if there were any lockers because Michael had a ton of luggage with him, but gave up. Then we found that Michael lost his wallet and wandered around to find it, then found that it was at the lost and found with all the money in it, thankfully. We don't think he dropped it, though. We're pretty sure someone pitpocketted it, but was paranoid because of all of the cameras and turned it in, because on the record, it had said Michael "lost it in the bathroom" whereas we didn't even go to one. That took up a crapload of time, though. We ended up going to Harajuku for a few hours, but me being a cheap-ass, I've only spent about $200. Genta was getting tired, so we headed back. Michael spent the night, and we stayed up pretty late talking and me watching him play games. I was pretty thankful that I wasn't alone the entire weekend without Mikey. Oh, and I fell down the stairs on the way to combini. lol.

Sunday, Michael and I headed out to take Hanachu to Aiko-Ishida station, but then we realized (once we got there) that Michael forgot his wallet (again). Thing is, though, Hanachu is a small bus-line, so each bus only comes every 40-50 minutes, so it would've taken several hours for him to go back to fetch his wallet and come back to the station, so we're like "fuck it". Took the train to Shinjuku station, hoping we'd meet up with Mikey so we can go back to Harajuku. Mikey's phone fucking died because he didn't bring his charger, so I gave Michael Eileen's number to call him up with his phone. He already left, but we figure that we'd just head over to KFC like he told us to. Checked downstairs, checked upstairs, he wasn't there. Walked over to Sega Club (game center), walked onto the floor with versus fighting games, wasn't there. Went back to KFC, wasn't there. Tried calling him up, didn't work. Then we split up to try and look for him. He called with a payphone, but it only rang twice and he never called again. We figured that he tried to look up the number on his phone but then it died.

It was all pretty stressful, but eventually we met up with him. I gave him the scarf I bought him then headed to Yoshinoya. We ended up not going to Harajuku again as planned, so we met up with Takako and Nao and went to a karaoke/restaurant bar and drank some. Even though things didn't go as planned, it ended up pretty fun. I wish I hadn't tried to pace myself so much, though. I didn't want to drink too much because we'd be training/bussing back for about 2 hours or so, but ended up only getting somewhat buzzed and completely sobered up less than an hour later. Michael and Mikey went to go play 3rd Strike and SF4 and the rest of us just sort of chilled around. After that, we headed home.

Heading home was pretty gay. By the time we got to Aiko-Ishida, all the busses had stopped about an hour earlier. We decided that we'd need to take a taxi... but guess what? We don't even have the address. Tried calling Kimihiko, but he wasn't picking up. Tried calling Michael, but he was still in Shinjuku with Takako. Tried getting ahold of James, but he wasn't around. Mikey and I tried to think of a way to get back, he suggested asking if any of the taxis are familiar with bus routes. After some thinking, I remembered a notable restaurant  called Yume An in Hon Atsugi that taxis should be familiar with, but I wasn't sure if we would be able to direct ourselves from that point, because there was a chance that it would've lead to a road that'd go straight there, OR a good chance that it wouldn't... and we didn't want to make the driver go there for nothing. Called up Eileen to see if she could go on the Hanachu website to see if there was a map, because the map the guy in the station directed us to was just telling us where the busses went, by name, but not an actual map of how things were physically. Got into the taxi, gave him the phone so that Eileen could direct him along the bus route. Thankfully, though, the taxi driver was already familiar with the route and drove us right where we needed. The funny thing was, as soon as we were getting really nearby, guess what we pass? Yume An. And guess what was right after it? A road straight to home.

Today, we were planning on going back to Harajuku... but ended up not. We woke up super late, today, then also had a ton of stuff to do. We needed to clean up the room because Kimihiko's mum was coming over to hang out the futons, but she still hasn't arrived yet. We also had to heat up the water so we could bathe, which took about 2 hours total to do. We also had to eat food, which also took about an hour. I went up to dress, took about 15 minutes or so to do my make-up, and then Mikey suggested, "Yeah, I think it's a bit late to go now that I think about it... It's almost 4, and we'd have to leave before 9." It's 4pm, now, so by the time we'd get to Shinjuku, it'd be about 6, then if we went straight to Harajuku, it would've been about 6:30, so we'd have about maybe only an hour or two to do anything. Augh, this timing thing is pretty suckage. So many things so far have been postponed because Hon-Atsugi is so god damned far away from everything. It's okay, though.

We're going to Akiba with Kimihiko tomorrow, shopping around, and going to the maid kissa that Minh suggested. Need to go back to Shibuya to pick up stuff for friends, and Helen has convinced me that I should probably take more photos. I really don't have the habit of taking photos, but I'm sure my mum is expecting them too. I want to go back to Harajuku to buy clothing, but fuck, all these detours. We might be going back around X-mas, instead of going to Yokohama by ourselves. We'll be going to Yokohama Chinatown with everyone on the weekend, and I'll be meeting Niggeryuki and Yuusuke for the first time.

For the most part, we've been spending our time doing normal every-day things. Especially with a pocket full of limited cash, I think we're doing pretty good, because despite all the gay-ass detours, this vacation has been pretty nice, especially spending time with Mikey. He liked the scarves I bought him. They look good on him.
19 December 2008 @ 05:30 pm
It's so cold.

So cold... SO COLD! I just woke up. It's about 10:04. Mikey left last night, so I'm alone today. Called up Michael last night to ask if he wanted to hang out today, so we're meeting in Shinjuku in a couple of hours to go shopping around in Harajuku. I should go bathe now, since it's the morning but... It's so cold!!!! It's too cold. I didn't want to get out of my blanket when I woke up. Now I really don't want to leave the kotatsu. ;___;

Normally I have no trouble getting up as bad in the morning, because Mikey'd be there and I'd be warm the entire night. Without Mikey, it's surprisingly cold. After he left last night, I tried so hard just to pass the time before Kimihiko comes home... and thankfully, Hokuto no Ken came on TV, but talking to Michael on the phone made me miss the ending. Talked to Kimihiko about random crap, asked me to teach him some English, sort of watched TV but mostly ignored it talking. Showed each other some photos on our blogs, and went to bed.

Oh, Mikey. If you're reading this, Kimihiko is going to basketball practice on Sunday, but we'll go to Akiba on Tuesday with him because he has a day off. We can still go to Akiba if you'd like. I also need to go to Shibuya to pick up some stuff, okay? I love you. \o/

klsjdlaskjla too cold, but time to call Michael. I need to make a habit of taking photos. I only have a few at like... a bus stop! XD; I'm not used to having a camera around with me, and even then, I'm too shy to use it. Pff.