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05 January 2009 @ 06:44 am
Recorated bedroom + new purchases!  
Time for a photo dump! Mikey and I (mostly me) did some redecorating around the bedroom with the new assortment of furniture and all, pretty much just rearranging posters, replacing a few old Megami images, hanging up and reorganizing purchases and new figures. \o/

It's still a mess, but here are the results.

Wall O' Megami. Though, some of them are from other magazines too, like G's, Comp H's, etc. At first, it was more or less me feeling, "Ahh, what was I thinking..." but then I didn't want to just take them all down so I've just kept updating the wall with new ones I'd like up and replacing old ones I don't care as much about anymore. Sort of like computer wallpaper. o/ Goes to show, pretty much anyone could achieve the same thing with a subscription to Megami (and other poster-providing magazines). It slowly evolves every once in a while, and chances are in a few months, it'll be slight different. My room's pretty much a guilty pleasure. ;___;

TV Area with older posters. Still need to rearrange stuff-- need to buy a new TV! The tube is pretty old, and it'd be nice to have a small LCD around so we can move the consoles in from the livingroom.

Door area. There's a Saber noren hanging outside, not spread out. The rest is just sort of the closet and dresser, with onsen Haruhi reflecting off the mirror. Need to clean up this area, too.

The wall next to the closet. It's full of shelves with a ton of junk, DVDs that can't play in the livingroom, my books, stacks of magazines, and a bunch of seinen/shonen manga. I put a few of my figures here, and the figma/revoltechs too. There's the Strike Witches oppai comparison chart there, but it's sort of washed out in the photo. w

The wall next to that, where Mikey's sitting on the couch on his laptop. A bunch of junk in the corner, the violin Eileen gave me, my maid uniform, and... more junk.

Mess revealed! It's actually not that messy, but the photo is so cramped that it seems that way.

Another shelf, which I have had since elementary. It's where I've put most of my seinen/akiba-kei manga and figures, and more junk. There's a few pencil boards in the background so it doesn't look as plain as it is, and some Touhou drawings Lisu made taped onto it.

Keroro figures in front of Keroro manga.

More figures. I need to find more space to put them.

And more + junk.

The ones on the desk.

And the Shana poster on my celing above where my bed used to be. ;;

EDIT: I somehow decided to rearrange a bunch of things. Most of it is pretty much just me moving Megami posters around, and stuff I didn't shoot earlier.

Wall O' Megami rearranged. More Seto San! \o/

Moved off the pettanko to fit in with the other pettanko, and put up more boobage (+Yoko) next to Asa.

And this awesome (censored) Abiru poster from H's, I think.

Closet door.

Sentimental Graffiti postcards from middle school.

The Saber noren that was pictured from behind, earlier.

Some English fiction!  \o/ (Behind it is pretty much Initial D 1-... I don't know. Somewhere in the 30's, and all of Hayate no Gotoku so far.)

And here are new additions of the few things we bought during the trip.

Photo of yukkuri heads, keroro, he is my master maids, and eyore minus Mikey.

Melona figure \o/

C.C. figure. I got two of these on the UFO catcher for 600¥ and gave the other one to Matt. \o/

Setten Udonge I found used for 5000¥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It had a small mark on one of its ears) Plus some canned tea/milk tea.

Touhou candies. \o/

IM@S Revoltechs.

Vocaloid figmas.

Miku UFO PVC. Out of production.

Hastsune Miku UFO music box.

Kannagi manga laid out on the coffee table. \o/ \o/ \o/

Kotonoha, Reimu, and Miku plaques. They were 600¥!

Heart UFO cosplay. We got 2p version too!

Miyafuji figure, which came with a DVD and artbook.

Here. \o/ Though, it isn't the uncensored/pantiless version of the series or anything.

Nico Nico Douga UFOs. Regular and Okkusenman vers. They're so cute. o/

Zetsubou Sensei gacchapon. I spent like 1600¥ trying to get Mikey an Itoshiki-sensei one. ;;

Zetsubou sensei novel cover!!!

Cute pink and blue polka-dot compact umbrellas I got fo the weather here. o/

Cute Hello Kitty wallet Mikey bought me, and our portable ashtray that says "100% Wool"

Cute sweets phone charm I got at Pink Latte. <3

The walking Rilakkuma UFO Mikey surprised me with! Ahh, it's so cute!!!

That's it for now! Photo dump of Japan tomorrow. I'm going to post several, because trying to do it all at once is so exhausting. ;;

Stephanie: chuama_ningyo on January 5th, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC)
waah cute shit is cute! I like how you redid your room very nice

;3; I want to see rilakkuma walk~